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Stefan and Melissa

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

6 days until the big day!

Our Story

Welcome to our wedding website!

Our journey together started many years ago, filled with friendship, laughter, and a connection that has only grown stronger over time.

Our paths first crossed when we were both part of the children's choir at Merciful Redeemer. Little did we know that our initial encounter would lay the foundation for a beautiful friendship that would shape our lives in the years to come.

Fast forward to high school, where we reconnected and became best friends. From hanging out almost every weekend, to phone conversations every day, we discovered a unique bond that made our friendship unbreakable.

As fate would have it, our paths converged once again when we both decided to pursue our higher education at York University. It was during those university years that our friendship blossomed into something more. In 2012, we took a leap of faith and decided to start dating. We created countless memories together, from trying new restaurants, enjoying the theatre, and traveling together.

Then, in August 2022, after nearly a decade of sharing laughter and cherished moments, Stefan decided it was time to take the next step. He planned a special evening at Scaramouche, the very restaurant where we had celebrated our first anniversary. Little did Melissa know that this dinner would mark a pivotal moment in our lives.
As the evening unfolded, amidst the warm ambiance and delicious food, Stefan surprised Melissa with a proposal. With a ring in hand, he asked Melissa to spend the rest of her life with him and she said yes!

We are eternally grateful for the love and support we have received from our family and friends throughout our journey. We couldn't be more excited to embark on this new chapter together, as husband and wife. We look forward to celebrating our love with all of you as we exchange our vows and begin our happily ever after. Thank you for being a part of our story, and we can't wait to create even more beautiful memories together. Stay tuned for updates on our wedding plans, and we hope to see you on our special day!

With love,

Stefan and Melissa