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Stefan & Melissa — Minted




Wedding Party

Ajoy Lobo

Best Man

How long I've known him: 26 years

Stefan's favourite memory: Our first roadtrip together in 2013 when we went to Montreal. We stayed overnight in Kingston and watched Game 7 of the NBA Finals, and once we reached Montreal we ate so much poutine and tried so many amazing restaurants that are now our regular spots whenever we go out that way. Watching the Australian entry at the International Firework Festival that was happening that weekend was pretty awesome too.

Ajoy's favourite memory: My favourite memory with Stefan is really all of elementary school. We both landed in the country in 1997 and started grade 2 a week apart. We were the only two brown kids in the class at that time, so naturally we found each other and became inseparable (except for that awkward break up in grade 5). We were two peas in a pod, whether it be playing made up games like Escaflowne, Rock Doctor or Hawaiian Guy or hanging out at the playground after school or running the basketball court in grade 8, it’s hard to think back to my childhood years without thinking of Stefan. That school wide dodgeball game we started was pretty cool too.

Tishina Zavery

Maid of Honor

How long I've known her: 3 years

Melissa's favourite memory: : Although I have only known Tish for 3 years, I feel like I have known her for way longer. One of my favourite memory's was for Tish's birthday weekend trip to Port Stanley. We had a really good time and partied a little too hard, we refused to go to bed, so we both tried to sleep while standing against a wall! Tish always has my back, and we always have a great time together. She has been there for me for good times but also the hard times and continues to be there. I really appreciate her for everything. Tish knows me to the point she can tell what I'm thinking by me giving her a look. I'm so happy she is part of my big day and looking forward to celebrating together!

Tishina's favourite memory: Whether its vacation, beach, spa, or lazy days, Melissa and I always have the best time together. When we first met, we quickly became close and realized how much we have in common from music, shows and even the way we dress. My favorite memory of Melissa and I, is waking up at 5.30am to watch the Dominican sunrise. We would sometimes have to run to try catch the sunrise and laughed while doing it. We cherished every moment and had the best beach life chats. Melissa and I have been through alot together. I am truly lucky to have Melissa is my life and I am very grateful for her. She is my sister and best friend. I am so excited and happy to be part of her big day!

Stuart Jansen


How long I've known him: 32 years

Stefan's favourite memory: There are a million memories that stick out - from countless hours spent playing basement cricket, having him take Melissa and me on a tour around Vancouver on our trip out west, watching him on stage from high school to musical theatre classes to his performance in Spring Awakening, and that look he gets when I make or buy food and he starts to regret saying no to getting some for himself.

Stuart's favourite memory: It's so hard to narrow down a lifetime of memories but there are a few highlights. As kids there were the epic battles between Nitroman (Stef with a blue plastic hockey stick), and Rita Bigenus (my underdeveloped character who was his nemesis). As young teens with Darren, going to the creek, catching crayfish and building bridges like a Tom Sawyer novel. Writing, recording, and filming hilarious parody songs for every occasion as the Jansen Experience. The years learning to cook together, and making amazing fancy feasts, often while singing in beautiful and secret harmonies. Jamming to Taylor Swift on the way to work as adults. The list is endless and I look forward to making new ones.

Aashita Pattni


How long I've known her: 13 years

Melissa's favourite memory: Aash and I always enjoy each other's company from chill hang outs, going for walks and fun dinners. A specific memory that stands out was I spent the day at her house and we had a great time talking, eating and watching shows. This was a memory that I cherish because it was simple, and we laughed so hard and were able to have an amazing time just being in the moment. Aash is so kind and caring and has been with me through the ups and downs in my life. She has been a support for me, and I will never forget that. I am looking forward to celebrating our future moments together.

Aashita's favourtie memory: I’ve known Melissa for over 13 years now and finding just one memory wasn’t easy, but if I had to pick just one, I’d have to say my favourite memory with Melissa was this last Christmas. She had several presents to wrap and I had offered to wrap them with her. Upon entering her house, Christmas music was already playing (thankfully, it wasn’t the calypso version) and with the decorations up and the warmth I’ve always felt in her home, it truly felt like Christmas. We had dinner together with her parents and then started to wrap gifts while chatting and fawning over Melissa’s, uh, wrapping skills. What makes this memory so special to me is the fact that there wasn’t anything extraordinary about this particular day - it was simply the casualness and comfortability that comes with being so close with someone that you don’t have to do much of anything to have a good time. It truly was the epitome of it’s not what you’re doing but who you’re doing it with that makes something memorable.

Ian Fernandez


How long I've known him: 16 years

Stefan's favourite memory: The hundreds of nights we have spent nerding out over all kinds of topics into the wee hours of the morning. From discussions on the intricacies and most minute details of Harry Potter and the MCU to debating NBA trade rumors and all-time lists to testing out our knowledge of geography, movies, and music, it has always been so easy for us to find a topic that we can go on about for hours.

Ian's favourite memory: Stef is one of my oldest and closet friends. One of my fondest memories with him is spending a full summer, almost 15 years ago, chilling pretty much everyday and building a gazebo in my backyard. We would meet in the morning and work in the sun, smash our hammers on the concrete nails that would spark, and we would exchange Iron man and Thor lines. Then we would walk to McDonald’s (yes walk as this was pre Uber days and before we had our own cars) for a late lunch, and then spend the rest of the day talking about anything NBA, Harry Potter, Pokémon or MCU. We did this everyday for a few months, bonded, and still reminisce about it to this day. Our relationship has grown over the years, but we still talk about all of those things, and we just have more food options with Uber lol. I am excited to be standing beside Stef when he marries my sister on their big day!

Nida Yousaf


How long I've known her: 14 years

Melissa's favourite memory: Nida and I always have a great time together; whether it be on our mini trip to Niagara Falls, or international trips to Mexico and Dominican Republic. We were even able to make our boring Economics class fun while we laughed at our made up storylines. After university, we took cake decorating classes together. I remember looking forward to every Sunday when we would go for our class and then try new places for lunch. Nida has always been a great friend and I am looking forward to having more adventures with her!

Nida's favourite memory: Melissa was one of the first friends I made at university 14 years ago and continues to be one of my closest friends to this day! We've had some amazing times together that include international trips, casual hangouts locally, summer BBQs, Christmas dinners and cake decoration classes! Melissa is one of the most caring, friendly and pure-hearted people I know. She is someone I can fully confide in and depend on for advice. And through her, I've been fortunate enough to get to know her amazing family and friends. I am really honoured to be a part of the bridal party and excited to stand next to my beautiful friend as she embarks on this new adventure in life. Can't wait for the big day next year!

Darren Jansen


How long I've known him: 33 years

Stefan's favourite memory: Over the last several years, food has been one of the main things we have bonded over and one of the days I look forward to most each year is when Darren and I make our annual batch of hot sauce. It is a whole day of discussing ingredient ideas, heat levels, flavor balance, and brainstorming unique twists that we can add in, and in the end we come up with some truly awesome results. It is one of the highlights of my year and one of the favourite memories I have with him.

Darren's favourite memory: Stefan and I have grown up together since being in diapers. One of my favourite memories is when we assembled and led our high school cricket team to its first playoff appearance. With no help from teachers, it was on us to make this season count. From recruiting guys that didn’t want to play, to strategizing batting & bowling line ups regularly, we were constantly communicating and shared the same vision. A lasting memory of the season was when Stefan took 2 wickets in a row bowling to end a game. Eagerly we’d wait to see if Stef could clean up the ‘hatrick’ on his first ball bowling to the new team in the upcoming game. We’re bowling. Stefan takes his run-up and bowls a lofty ball. It turns and knicks off the opposition’s bat, heading to the wicketkeeper only to be dropped. The devastation was felt but in stoic fashion, Stefan proceeded to take the batsmen’s wicket on the very next ball. 3 wickets in 4 balls was unreal & we won the match! It felt like lightning in a bottle that whole season. I can’t imagine going through it with anyone else the way we did.

Angela Pellegrino


How long I've known her: 18 years

Melissa's favourite memory: I have known Angela for more than half my life. Angela was my first friend in high school. I remember sitting next to each other in our first class in grade 9, playing the clarinet. Who knew sitting next to each other would turn into a great friendship. Angela is always there for me whether is be for school or life and I am very appreciative of her. She is always been supportive and a caring friend. We have been able to share many life experiences together from being in school together, to seeing Angela get married and then meet her baby girl, Chelsea. I am really happy that Angela gets to be part of my big day.

Angela's favourtie memory: Melissa and I met on the first day of grade 9 and have been friends ever since. From classmates and touring Europe in highschool to graduating university with accounting degrees and becoming CPA's, we have shared so many memories over the last 18 years! Other memories include my wedding and dress shopping, volunteering, going out to eat and trying new restaurants, chauffeuring her around everywhere, randomly baking for me and going above and beyond for special occasions like my baby shower and daughter's first birthday, and sending coffee/deserts to my door when I need a pick me up. Melissa has always been there for me and supported me when I needed it. I'm so grateful for our friendship and can't wait to be part of her wedding this year.